Noom Path to a Healthier You

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The New Year has just begun and we are all struggling to meet those requirements that we tell ourselves every year we will achieve. Our New Year’s resolutions in big bold letters titling papers miles long. We try. We try to accomplish those things but obstacles just jump in our way.

The busy life of reality. Our bosses whom we work for run us ragged. So we become too tired when we come home to do anything. Everyone in our lives needs our help so we help them.

The kids….god if you even have kids. So we end up neglecting ourselves. We are too exhausted to cook so we grab for the box of pizza but what happened to number 3 on your resolutions. You know the one that says that you were going to get healthier. Pizza isn’t healthy. In fact, all of the greases from the soggy breading clogs your arteries increasing your chances of heart attacks.

But I’m not here to judge you on what you eat or how you spend your time because I don’t believe in judging someone based on the same actions that you, yourself have done. No. I’m here to tell you about what I’ve found. I’ve found an easy solution to our New Year Resolution and it’s called NOOM!

Noom is an amazing health app. Targeted not only weight loss but to get fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Noom’s main focus is on our diet. What we eat, how we eat, how much we eat, when and most importantly why.

With the Noom diet, you will receive a personalized list of recipes catered to your lifestyle and improving your health. The recipes could be catered to your intolerances such as peanut allergies and other needs such as an iron deficiency. Not only will you be given recipes but you will be able to track your calorie intake with their graphing system but also with your daily weight log. But just because you eat healthy doesn’t mean that you will experience weight loss or become healthier.

A lot of times what we forget about being healthy that it’s not just what we eat or how much we exercise. A healthy lifestyle is about understanding and actively seeking how those two things interact with one another. The app offers exercise plans and activities curated by your very own personal health coach. Don’t worry the plans are not difficult. The plans are easy activities that you can do during your daily life. For example, instead of hurting the environment by driving to your commute you could run to it. Noom has other glorious features.

Noom is much more than just personalized coaching in your pocket. There are tools to help you track your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. They offer daily lessons on how psychological if linked to what you eat and put into your body. The coaches offer personalized tips to make a healthier lifestyle easier to assimilate and maintain. They also offer support groups to encourage you to continue down the path of healthier living. A healthy life isn’t attainable and you don’t have to do it alone.