Cucumber for Weight Loss and Deep Purification

Cucumber is the better diet of most dietary products. It contains 95-98% of water, thereby contains the minimum of calories intake. But the remaining interest is useful – cucumber can be a valuable method to obtain alkaline salts, which may slow getting older along with the formation of stones inside kidneys and liver. For this cucumber is termed orderly of organism.

Benefits of cucumber

Cucumber juice prevents passage of carbohydrates into fat and stops the accumulation of salts. Owing to the low calorific value and enhanced “purifying” cucumber is a perfect product for individuals that desire to shed weight.

To shed weight with “cucumber nutrition”, you may either keep a special cucumber diet (below we present to your attention a couple of their variations) or just add the cucumber salad at every meal, or perhaps a cucumber soup.

Bulgarian cold soup called tartar

It is extremely simple to make which is served directly to home plate and will not need to be cooked. Get a big cucumber, grate it, or chop finely. Add a number of crushed walnuts, squeeze the garlic clove (for fans), and cut right into a plate of green beam. Pour yogurt in to the soup. You can add a small amount of vegetable oil. Replace your supper using this soup – and you weight will just burn off. In addition, it’s just delicious and cooling summer dish!

Diet with cucumber salad

It is advisable to hold it below 72 hours in a row to date this type of meals are too low-calorie and contain everything a physique needs. For salad, we’d like a kilogram of fresh cucumber, which have to be cut and stuffed with low-fat sour cream. Add a bit of salt, you can include somewhat greenery. Eat a salad 3 x each day.

Sample menu:

Breakfast: salad, toasted, coffee or tea without sugar
Lunch: salad, a drink without sugar
Dinner: salad, 50 g of boiled meat or 1 egg, a glass of yogurt

7 Days Cucumber Diet

For this diet for per day we’ll need about 1-1.5 kilos of cucumbers. Sample menu:

Day 1
Breakfast: two cucumbers, a slice of black bread
Dinner: cucumber soup (with yogurt), one apple
Dinner: Cucumber salad with greens and vegetable oil

Day 2
Breakfast: cucumber, bread
Lunch: 50 grams of meat, and cucumber salad greens, you can add radishes and onions
Dinner: salad of cucumber and green with vegetable oil

Day 3
Breakfast: two cucumbers, a slice of bread
Lunch: 100 g boiled fish, 100 g boiled grouts (better rice). Cucumber
Dinner: salad of cucumber and green with vegetable oil

Day 4:
Breakfast: cucumber, bread
Lunch: 100 g rice, 20 g cheese, cucumber
Dinner: salad of cucumber and green with vegetable oil

Day 5
Breakfast: two cucumbers, a slice of bread
Lunch: salad of cucumber, cabbage, radish and carrot
Supper: salad of cucumbers and greens with oil

Day 6
Lunch: cucumber, bread
Dinner: cucumber soup (yogurt may be added), 1 egg, pear
Dinner: salad of cucumber and greens with vegetable oil

Day 7
Breakfast: two cucumbers, a slice of bread
Dinner: cucumber soup (available with yogurt), apple
Dinner: salad of cucumber and green with vegetable oil