Back Exercises Without Weights – Best Exercise For Chest And Biceps

Training the body at home can be a challenge, but while working your legs with squats or your chest with push-ups isn’t very difficult to do, doing back exercises without weights in the home is usually a challenge. In this article, I’ll present you with a concept on how to solve this challenge and work with your back muscles in your house.

The right off the bat you can do is get a pull up bar. There are plenty of brands offering pull up bars and they’re very inexpensive on the whole. There are also doorway pull-up bars that you can fit over most doorways in your house. You can find them online or perhaps in sport stores in several locations.

There is one back exercise that requires no weights in any way and become be performed in your house: the supine row, also known as the Australian pull-up. This is actually one of the best back exercises and I do if often when I navigate to the gym. It can, however, be performed in your house.

autralian pullup using chairs - no weight chest and back workout

What you need to perform this exercise are two high backed chairs, sturdy ones that are not vulnerable to falling over as well as a big pole of some sort. You need this pole being strong enough on bearing your weight. This is where you should take responsibility for the purpose you’re doing. If you’ll be able to’t locate a pole that you KNOW will bear excess fat, don’t do this exercise. It just won’t work.

Place the pole about the two chairs with them at a distance of a little more than your shoulder width. You need space to crawl lying on your back within the bar and to accomplish the supine row itself. Make sure the pole is placed securely. It is your responsibility to make certain things are all secure.

Once you’re on your back beneath the pole, grab it with both hands apart at slightly over shoulder width. Stretch them as much as you’ll be able to and through the pole. Pull yourself up and provide the pole as close as you possibly can to your chest. Then, lower yourself down slowly without touching the bottom and repeat. There are two variations of this exercise: an overhand grip with is harder as well as an underhand grip which can be easier and works the biceps more.

This is a back exercise that you can do at home with no exercise equipment. However, you HAVE to be sure that the pole you have is sufficiently strong on bearing unwanted weight. Otherwise, you could injure yourself. If there’s any doubt regarding the strength from the pole, do not perform this exercise.